Why Us?

iSTUDYPLUS EDUCATIONAL CONSULT is one of the leading and most sought Education Consultancies incorporated under the laws of the republic of Ghana. iSTUDYPLUS is authorized to hold Education Consultancy Services in Ghana.

iSTUDYPLUS has been providing outstanding services to the Ghanaian Students who intend to go abroad with the gainful motive of pursuing further studies. We have served many students shape their academic career abroad as well as at home for over ten years.

Our counselors are selected through a rigorous screening process with background checks on their experiences. This has allowed us to ensure that our counselors are experts in their fields with good experience, professional training, and education from abroad.

We believe in technology and utilize the latest technologies to increase efficiency in the workplace and maintain our strong market presence. We use Cloud based computing techniques, and utilize applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Uniagents CRM to communicate with education providers as well as students and their parents. Furthermore, we highly employ Search Engine Optimization methods, which means we rank highly in Google Searches in the region.

We represent some of the best universities and university partners in Australia, USA, New Zealand and Europe which you can browse from:

These are just a handful of reasons why you should choose us to help you utilize your full potential. For more information please din’t hesitate to contact us.