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Beautiful landscapes, unique castles, national parks, and hot springs make Ukraine a treasure of a location. Even with all the ingredients that make a destination overrun with tourists, Ukraine remains one of the secrets of the world and does not draw very many travelers to its country.

It’s still wild at it’s core, with 14% of the land occupied by forests, making this country one of the most wooded in Europe. Whether you want to go trekking in the Carpathian Mountain ranges, kayaking down Dniester through beautiful castle scenery, soak in a medicinal mud bath, or simply relax on the Crimea beaches, Ukraine undoubtedly has everything an adventurous study abroad student could possibly want.

Why Study here?

More than 27,000 international students arrive in Ukraine each year to attend higher education programs in Europe’s largest country. Overall, there are around 66,310 international students from 147 countries attending higher education programs at 239 universities, institutes and academies in Ukrainian cities such as Kharkiv, Dnipro and Kyiv.

iSTUDYPLUS provides assessments and offers assistance in applying for various higher education programs in Ukraine along with the required student visa to Ukraine. In general, international students who want to attend a study abroad program in Ukraine must be accepted to an authorized Ukrainian educational program and then be issued a student visa to Ukraine. Foreign students must also meet other criteria to attend a Ukrainian study abroad program. Below, is an overview of some key requirements for international students to live and study in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Student Visa Requirements

In order to study abroad in Ukraine, you need to apply to and be accepted for enrollment at an authorized educational program for international students in Ukraine. After you receive your Invitation Letter (Letter of Acceptance) to attend the Ukrainian educational program, the next major step is to apply for and be granted a student visa to Ukraine.

The experienced professionals at iSTUDYPLUS can evaluate your best options to study abroad in Ukraine, help you apply for the international education programs that you selected, and then guide you through the application procedure to receive a Ukrainian student visa.

Educational Assessment

This process starts with a personalized educational evaluation of your best options to study abroad in Ukraine, based on a careful review of your relevant details, your educational preferences, the criteria for various Ukrainian higher education institutions, and the current regulations for receiving a student visa to Ukraine.


After learning which Ukrainian study abroad program(s) you are eligible to apply for, the next step will involve you choosing which specific educational program(s) to apply for and also gathering the documents that will be required during the application process for the educational program(s) and the student visa to Ukraine.

Apply to Study Abroad in Ukraine

Next, the iSTUDYPLUS team of professionals will assist you in applying for the Ukrainian study abroad program(s) that you selected. This generally requires the following:

Complete the online application(s) for admission to the Ukrainian study abroad program(s);
Provide a scanned copy of your secondary school diploma (and/or Bachelor’s Degree if applying for a postgraduate program) and the relevant transcripts showing the courses completed and the marks or grades received;
Make and confirm the payment(s) for the application fee(s) to the Ukrainian study abroad program(s);
Provide a copy of your valid passport (the Ukrainian higher education institution will need to send a copy to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in order to register your Invitation Letter with them);
Receive the Invitation Letter (Letter of Acceptance) from the Ukrainian higher education institution (e.g., university. academy or institute in Ukraine).
Ukrainian Student Visa Application

Once you receive the Invitation Letter (Letter of Acceptance) from the higher education institution in Ukraine, the next major step is to apply for the Ukrainian student visa. The procedure to apply for a student visa to Ukraine usually includes the following:

  • Correctly complete and submit the Ukrainian student visa application to the relevant government agency;
  • Make and confirm the Ukrainian student visa application fee;
  • Provide a copy of the Letter of Acceptance from the Ukrainian higher education institution;
  • Provide copies of other required documents (e.g., birth certificate, General Medical Certificate, etc.)
  • Receive a Ukrainian student visa stamped inside of your valid passport.
  • NOTE: Some of the documents will be required when you apply for the Ukrainian student visa, while other documents will need to be presented when you arrive in Ukraine (for example, proof of medical insurance).

The last step of the process involves preparing to travel to Ukraine and begin your exciting study abroad adventure in this incredible European country!

This is, of course, a brief overview of some of the major requirements to study abroad in Ukraine. Our experienced team of professionals can evaluate your options, guide you through the process, and answer any questions that you may have about your particular situation.

Student Life

We asked some foreign students about living in Ukraine. Each of them called one fact about his living in this country.

Here is this facts:
1. It is really one of the cheapest country in the Europe. Example: me and my sister live good (for Ukraine) in 2-room apartment and are paying only $100 per month for rent. Here is a lot of useful internet services which can help find accommodation in any city of Ukraine. But thanks Ukrainian Admission Center, that you help us to find this accommodation, because we don’t want to live in hostel. Even utilites are very cheap. We paying for: excellent cabel internet, gas, water, electricity and telephone. And we pay only $30 – $40 per month.

2. I spend only $400 per month. But I rent excellent flat in the center of the Kharkiv and always going to parties at weekends. I’m not spare the money, have constantly fun, but it is still cheap. I even put some of money for deposit, because I don’t need so much money here as I took with me. I really love this country.

3. What I love in Ukraine? I love it excellent plentiful food which is very cheap by the way. Examples: Chicken is sold by either the piece or whole. It generally runs between 35 to 55 Grivnahs per Kilogram. [At the date of this writing, the US Dollar is worth 25 Grivnahs] This equates to less then $2 per kilogram.] Fruit and vegetables are even better buys, especially when in season. Carrots run around 4.50 to 6.50 Grivnahs per Kilo. That equates to 25 cents per kilogram! Vegetables are a real bargain here and often of high quality. Theyre usually grown in very rich organic soil.

4. Transportation. How could it be so cheap? I pay only $0.25 per one trip to another уnd of the city. I’m living in Kharkiv. I went to Kiev last month to my friends. I paid only $15 USD for trip in one direction. Sometimes transport are old, but it is REALLY cheap. I like it.

5. Maan, Did you see ukrainian women? (We have kept a speech the author). They are the most beautiful in the world. If youre lucky enough to marry one with a heart of gold and not a gold-digger, it will make your living in Ukraine considerably easier, but its not entirely necessary. And you even don’t have to be married to live together. Excellent country!

6. The local people look favorably (usually) upon visitors or residents from another countries. This is not often the case in many countries throughout the world as you may already be aware! This is a huge benefit!

7. It is very easy to find places where one can change most currencies including: U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, Russian Rubles and, of course, Euros. A few other currencies may be exchanged here but exchange points for them are not so readily accessible. These include: Australian Dollars and Swiss Francs.

8. Bank savings interest is considerably higher here! It is very easy to find sound and firmly established banks, which pay 20.5% interest on local currency. Both Raiffeisen (An Austrian Bank which does business here) and OTP (A Hungarian bank) are quite reliable and easily accessible in Ukraine. My parents event sent me their money to open deposit for them. Fantastic. ATMs are available in many locations all over the cities. (But you might not find one that has the English language option).

9. There are several Super Markets scattered all over the cities as well as innumerable smaller open type markets and kiosks near every neighborhood. Although the variety can be restricted, the supermarkets are usually the better places to buy consistently good products.

10. I feel safer and more secure here than in any large city in America even at night!

11. Medical care in Ukraine (for residents) is free! One needs only pay for the medications and associated materials needed to administer them. I know this is true since I had occasion to use it recently for a headackes! The care was professional and competent even if not employing the latest technology available elsewhere!

12. Real Estate can be purchased here (Dachias) for as little as $4000 to $5000! A Dachia is usually a place out a bit from the city in a country setting that is not usually intended for every day living. A Dachia usually has running water (typically located outside the building) and electricity. It usually has only an out-house for toilet facilities.

But they can be upgraded fairly inexpensively. Most are fairly near bus-stops. Real Estate in Ukraine has experienced an unrealistic increase in perceived value within the past 5 years. An apartment, located in the city where I live, that sold for $5,000.00 5 years ago now sells for up to and in some cases above $40,000. A modestly appointed and minimally acceptable to most Western tastes yet still decent, low-range apartment will cost that much or more.

13. It is usually easy to find locals whod like to improve their English language abilities. So, its not difficult to find paying students for English lessons. The going rate is 100 Grivnahs per hour! Or about $4.00/hour. This doesnt sound like much, but keep in mind that $4.00 goes a lot farther here than in a lot of other countries! For example, me earn during the year for paying tuition fees in my university.

14. Fluency in either Russian or Ukrainian is not necessary in order to manage everyday things like shopping and inter or intra city travel. I manage well enough on my own with a Russian vocabulary of only about 300 words.

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