Comparative Statement

In comparison to other study abroad agencies in Ghana, here are a few benefits you’ll get from us.

CAREER COUNSELLING Based on your profile preference and background and future prospects, iSTUDYPLUS will help you to choose the best career choice. NO


iSTUDYPLUS has several years of experience in identification of  universities based on your profile, financial constraints, research oriented courses and area of interest. NO
INFORMATION ON ENTRY REQUIREMENTS We provide information on the entry requirements – All processes including assistance to securing your documents. VERY FEW
COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION ABOUT UNIVERSITIES iSTUDYPLUS in-house library with all updated information on University prospects, Video Tapes,  Brochures and CD’s. NO
COURSE CURRICULUM AND CAREER PROSPECTS In all disciplines like Engineering, Medical, Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Management, Art etc. NO
FINANCIAL AID / SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE We will provide Complete information in securing Financial Aid/Scholarship/Graduate Assistant ship and other Assistant ship sources for many countries. VERY FEW
ADMISSION FORMALITIES We assist you in filling up the online/offline application, Financial Aid Application forms. NO
S.O.P / ESSAY  GUILDLINES Which carries a vital role, iSTUDYPLUS will evaluate your SOP/Essay and suggest you to do the necessary changes to make it very effective Statement of Purpose. NO
RECOMMENDATION LETTERS Focus on core subject and its strengths of the student, iSTUDYPLUS Quality Control wing will evaluate and suggests. NO
ORGANISING ON-SPOT ASSESSMENT / SPOT ADMISSIONS iSTUDYPLUS provides an opportunity to meet university officials for Students not only to clarify their doubts but even to get  On-Spot offer letters with special grants like Scholarships, Application fee waiver etc. NO
VISA GUIDANCE iSTUDYPLUS has high visa success rate due to expert guidance from filling up Visa application to mock interview sessions. NO
PRE DEPARTURE ORIENTATION iSTUDYPLUS conducts pre-departure orientation sessions get together, giving them an opportunity to meet others. VERY FEW
TRAVEL ASSISTANCE / GUIDANCE iSTUDYPLUS’ Travel Desk will assist for ideal departure dates with route maps for economy and well affordable tariff. VERY FEW